Fixing & Installing new locking hubs

Fixing & Installing new locking hubs


1983 CJ7 -258 cid strt 6. I did the 4.0 head swap #7120 casting head ported & polished, Offenhauser manifold, Holley truck avenger carb 4BBL jetted down to 270 cfi, Pacesetter headers, Magniflow exaust,Be Cool aluminum radiator w/ flocooler water pump, Powermaster HO alternator- TFI Juicebox ignition upgrade, 6" lift ,37 inch TrXus R/T tires, Superior one-piece chrome moly axles on dana 20 rear. 4.56 gear ratio, custom front quarter panel fenders done by me, 6" GENRIGHT rear tube fenders, Warn Dualforce 9500 winch mounted on Warn front stubby bumper, Olympic reverse nerfs, Corbeau Baja XRS seats w/ 4 point retractable seat belts and Hela Baja lighting. CB radio with P.A. Tube cage doors
Alright folks I got the new Mile Marker locking hubs from Qtec yesterday- by the way the 470's for Dana 30 front 5 bolt 27 spline are crome steel but very solid. I was hoping for the gold anodized in the middle (vanity thy name is....) You can never tell what part you'll get from the Mile Marker or Qtec or 4wheel websites. So here is the deal, B4 I decided to go out and buy these, I looked all over this website plus others that will not be named for how to change them out -I FOUND NOTHING! I plan on giving a step by step tutorial on this. Photos and step by step. Mistakes, I am sure to make, but will NOT be edited out. So kick back have a cold Bev of your choice, because the hilarity will ensue Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those are about a 2 minute swap out, you will need an alen wrench and a socket, maybe a rubber mallet to get it loose thats all. One of the simplest things on a jeep.
Well I did think this was going to be a little more difficult than it was. In fact it was very easy. I did play with idea to pull everything out and check/repack the bearings, but as my dad used to say- "if aint broke dont fix it." Any way, I do have pictures of the job in progress and they speak for them selves. People, I sincerly thought I'd have pics of me with a thumb caught in a pair of vicegrips, but this was quick and painless. bolts out snap ring out pull part then replace part. All done! Thanks for looking.
Yes sir, total devastation.
Can you recall the events that led to the failure(catistrophic variety).That would be a better story than how to replace them.:D
Can you recall the events that led to the failure(catistrophic variety).That would be a better story than how to replace them.:D
IT happened on a trip up to a little ghost town called Crown King it used to be a gold/silver mining town. I decided to take the back way up from Prescott. It has been an active monsoon season in that area this season so the Old Senator highway was washed out in some places. The last 10 miles up where the most treacherous, I'm talking boulders that have fallen in to the road, uphill mud, downed trees- the works. I had made it to about 1/2 mile from the town when it becomes a down hill stretch and I shifted it from 3rd to 4th. Only it didnt go into 4th. I had been in 4 low all the way up you see, and for some reason it didnt follow its usual pattern to next gear it dropped to 2nd instead and when I took my foot of the clutch- BANG!!!! I wasnt sure what it was at first as I had never heard such a peculier sound- but it was obvious upon inspection. Anyway, I feel very fortunate it wasnt anything worse.
It's always more fun breaking it that fixing it.

Looks like a great place to break and enjoy the scenery.
find a set of drive flanges, those are the flanges that are in place if you do not have the disco hubs. I carry 2 sets in my 67. (Both axles have full floating setups, for towing,)
what they allow you to do is to take off the hub and put them in place if you are going to be wheeling hard. it is just as easy as you just did and saves on broken hubs if you are going be wheeling hard.

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