flat paint-paint job

flat paint-paint job


north florida
1980 CJ7-258 I6, MC 2100 carb, team rush upgrade, T4, D300 tcase, D30 w/aussie locker in the front, AMC20 open, I think PO put 4.88s in the diffs, 35,000-135,000 miles, you pick. 4"susp lift, 2" shackle, 35" <-BAD WORD-> cepek AT's on black steel wheels, 1 1/4" spydertrak wheel spacers, most everything else i believe is stock, finding things out as I go
For those of you that have flat paint paint jobs, how bad/much of a hassle is it when you get oils on your paint? Body oils, engine oils/lubes, and all the other :dung: out in nature? I want to go flat since its easier to put on, I like the look, and I can just spray back over it if it gets scratched or stained. If I do paint over oily marks, will this trap moisture in the paint and cost rust? Should I spray on a couple cans of clear matte?

Thanks, Jake.
I know on aircraft it just washes off. But then again on A-10's they always leaked hyd fluid.
I am going to paint my CJ7 with sand colored military CARC paint, which is flat. I plan on just keeping a good amount of paint onhand to touch up anything I screw up.
How expensive is that carc paint? Im guessing its the same stuff that is used on HMMWV's, I know the ones we had could take a serious beating. Im planning on painting mine OD green with rustoleum. A paint guy I talked to said he could do my whole jeep for 600 plus a matte clear coat, which isnt bad at all, but everytime I drive by his shop, all the cars are just covered and taped. He told me that he would take off all the hardware and the windshielf, I'm calling bull poop on this one. So I've decided to do a rattle can job for around 100 bucks, and when I get extra money, I'll put a decent coat of paint on it.
I have painted my 3B project in military desert tan CARC paint and the definition of carc is chemical agent resistant coating, meaning after a chemical attack the equipment can be cleaned effectively without the paint coating absorbing the agent. Thus pretty much stain free.:D
I am now thinking of redoing my CJ5 in CARC desert tan with some military theme as the factory white coating I first chose is just plain no fun.:cool:
It can be had on Ebay from time to time at a realistic cost, but otherwise is pretty hard to come by in small quantity. I have a gallon of mil spec desert tan carc that is within it's use by date that I got for $80 from a shop that over bought.
I was in the army for 5 years and never knew that, learn something new everyday.
I use cheap walmart flat paint on my jeep only time ive had prob with is if i scratch it off. getting oil off is kind of a pain. I use simple green its easy on the paint just let it sit for a min then spray it off. I did put rustoleum primer under it. :chug:
Flat paint does hold oils and other stains...its because the cured paint develops a micro texture, but it's not porous. That's what gives it the flat appearance.

Yes, it takes more work to get it out. I've dealt with it for several years now and the best thing I've found...believe it or not...is white toothpaste such as Crest :D
Mud will also stain flat paint....best to wash it off as soon as possible.
Mine was two parts rustoleum gloss and one part primer. Mixed it, sprayed it, and the primer dulled it pretty good and dried hard as a rock. Cleans up nice as well.

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