Ford 302 engine swap

Ford 302 engine swap


78 CJ-5, 232-6, T150 3spd, bone stock with 58,000 miles.
72 Ford Maverick Grabber 302 auto 1 owner also.
I know everonse seems to swap in a 350 into Jeeps, but I have read that a 302 is also a good swap. Mainly because you can find a bellhousing for a 302 that will bolt up to my T-150 transmission without spending big $$. I recently traded for a 302 and thought about removing my 232-6 with 58,000 miles for this 302. Does anyone know what vehicles might have the bellhousing I need?? I know where a 60's Bronco is at that had a 3spd in it, would one off of a T-18 work as well? Everyone says you need a "butterfly" bolt pattern, but never says what they came out of, or what to look for. Any info would be great.
Spend some time at the advance adapters website, there is also a site that covers the OEM Jeep transmissions, and what interchanges. I know a little about what you are talking about, seeing how no one has offered up any info, I dont think we have any small ford Cj-ers active at the moment...

You can also tear it all apart, and then go bell housing hunting with the Jeep one in hand to the junkyard, and match up the bolt pattern. Seems to me that the bell your looking for is anything pre-90ish that had a T18 or NP435 behind in a Ford pickup.

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