ford swap in 79 cj7

ford swap in 79 cj7


79 cj with a 258 mated to t150
I've been thinking about a 302 swap into my jeep. i have a 258 mated to T-150 tranny. what all can i re use with this swap? hoping my bellhousing is a direct bolt and all i have to do is relocate motor mounts but doubt im that lucky. anyone out there know what all has to be done? any advice is helpful.
im not too sure about the T-150.. but and after thought i had on an 80' model CJ7 i had was it would have been cheeper for me to bolt a 302 with standard shift bell housing from an 80' ford truck i had which had the same t176 gearbox in it.. . than rebuild the 258. i had to buy a new crank for the 258. but i had already done the dead.. its worth really investigating the option.. :chug:
If youre doing just a 302 I would find a 304. Be a bit easier and cheaper.

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