Frame I.D. numbers reference...

Frame I.D. numbers reference...


Upstate SC
1974 CJ5, 304v8... purchased 8/8/11
Can anyone put me on some info on frame numbers stamped for identification...I have a '74, it had 1-3\4" shackle hangers still rivited...all evidence said original frame but when I cleaned it up I found on one side some numbers and on the other side..."78" stamped into the outside of the left hand rail...?
Do I have a 78 rail or does it not mean anything...?
thanks for any insight,
The 74 and 78 are two different frames that can be easily identified. The 74 and under is c-channel and straight front to rear. The 76 is c- channel only from the rear axle back and boxed forward from there. 77-83 is completely boxed and bows out before the front rear spring hanger, the 76 bows out in the same spot as well. The numbers I’ve seen were stamped on the passenger side frame rail over the rear axle area with the SN.
Thanks for the frame has no bow out, is c-channel front to rear but is boxed in the front including the motor mount area...all indicators say it's a 74...but was curious why it had a 78 stamped into it...almost 38 years and who knows what anyone has done to these babies.
thanks, Ed
If the number (78) is on the left side (driver side) then I would say the number isn’t significant. The SN (6 digits) where located on the right side.

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