Frame Repair - Patch Welding?

Frame Repair - Patch Welding?


Owensboro, Ky
1982 CJ-5
151 cu 4cyl.
5 speed manual
Rochester 2G Carb
no mods - yet
I am wanting to repair a few places on the frame of my 82cj-5. There are a couple of spots where rust has definitely feasted. I'm not sure what, if any, the remedies are.
The main spots are; where the frame attaches attaches to the rear bumper just above the shackles, below the body mount under the door, and just before the bend for the rear wheels.
While we are on the subject i also have a few spots on the body the are rusted, the bad thing is that the are right by the body mounts, its not rusted thorough by any means, but as long as I'm patching up spots on the frame thought i may be able to fix a few other spots on the body.
I have access to a welder and my dad is a recently retired master welder from a power plant. So not only is he willing to help but he's itching for something to do anyway.
Thanks in advance for everyone's input, this forums a life saver.
You can patch the frame, but the patch needs to be bigger than the affected area, you should make a patch to cover/replace the whole side of the frame in that area even if its one small place. You need as much surface area to weld to as possible for strength. That does not hold true for the body you can just cut ot the bad spots and buy panels or make them yourself.

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