Front Drive shaft

Front Drive shaft


North Carolina Foothills
1984 CJ7 304ci stock 4spd&transfer case Dana 30 rear with factory locker AMC 20 front.
I recently Swapped out my 150ci 4banger for a 304 in my 84 CJ7. I had to move the trannie and skid plate back to allow for the longer engine. I changed the bellhousing but kept my stock 4 speed. As a result my front drive shaft is a couple of inches short now. I checked one I had laying around out of an 81 CJ7 with the 258 but it was about the same length as mine. My question is has anyone ran into this before and might know what years might work. My only other option is to lengthen the driveshaft I have but im not sure if i would trust it??? Let me know what yall think. Thanks
If you take your shaft to a local, reputable drive shaft shop they can lengthen it and it will be just fine. And they can help with getting the correct measurements. Shouldn't cost all that much. If you want total replacements I would go with Tom Woods driveshafts.
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As Purple77CJ7 said a local shop can modify the lengths of the drive shafts. You will also have to have the rear shortened or it will bottom out. That can destroy your TCase.
Any shop you take it to will tell you how to measure the length the way they want it done. Some are different than others but as long as you take it to the same shop that told you how to measure you will be OK. You do need to measure the rear the same way. Chances are it does need to be shortened. I went through this when I replaced my T-150 with a T18a. The shop did a great job and I have had no problems since. Not that expensive either.


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