Fuel Line size and length

Fuel Line size and length

Jasper Jeep

Patagonia, Arizona
'79 CJ7
Either my fuel or vapor return line has rusted out at the rear corner along the frame, either way I'm going to relace them both.
I'm going to start pulling them, but I thought I'd ask if anyone knows the tube size and straight lenght needed to replace them.
Quadratec wants 100 bucks a piece so it'll be alot cheaper to bend my own.
Thanks in advance.
I have the info at home. If no one chimes in before then I'll let you know around 4 pm when I get home from work.
Ok I thought I had it here at home. A measurement of mine gives me 5/16" which comes in a 20' length from quadratec part #92705.03. Comes with 10 fittings. Thats standard steel not stainless. I didnt see any stainless tube.

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