Fuel Line???

Fuel Line???


Harrisonburg, VA
'82 CJ-7 4.2
OK this may be a simple question for some people, but I have an '82 CJ7 with the 258 straight 6 in it, and I need to know what the fuel line that runs from the fuel pump to the fuel filter is, cannot seem to find out what it is called anywhere, and I need to replace it. Any help is appreciated, as the Haynes manual doesn't tell me s**t.
Is it metal or rubber?

I have never heard a "name" for it if that's what you're asking, but the way you described it would work for me... Fuel line from this part to this part...

Actually, either way what i do is to Grab the old one and go down to the parts house with it.

If it's a metal one, they should be able to tell you they'll order if your not lucky enough for it to be in stock, or if it's rubber they should be able to cut you a piece of the right size for your current fittings.

Now if it's missing... :cool: Jeep Fuel System Parts for CJ5, CJ7, & CJ8 Scrambler at Morris 4x4 Center

Might actually save money that way, use the discount code too, check the sponsor's tab for code, use during check-out...

~ JR
X2 on what JR said

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