Fuel Lines Going to the carb

Fuel Lines Going to the carb


Central Wisconsin
1980 Jeep Cj5 Renegade
I258 1987 Engine
Aisin Warner Ax15 Transmission
Dana 300 Transfer Case
I just installed a different 4.2 engine in my 80 CJ5 and upgraded to an electric fuel pump. There were no return lines before and I need to know if I need a return line for the fuel? Also is there a need for a regulator? I put a regulator on there and it wouldn't allow enough fuel through to stay running even when totally open. . . I am assuming I don't need one?
The return line runs along the drivers side frame.It stubs out below the steering column.I doubt anyone would go to the lengths of tearing it out.You can get a stock Jeep fuel filter to put between the pump and the carb.It'll have 3 openings inlet and two outlets.The 5/16 outlet goes to the carb the other to the return line.The outlet lines sit one on top the other with the 5/16 on top.The return line does have advantages.It would be wise to put a regulator in line with the carb to limit the pressure according to what you need for it.
Do you know what kind of regulator I would need? Like I said I put one on there and it wouldn't allow enough gas to even run while being totally open. If it is necessary I obviously did not have the right one... And is it necessary or just helpful for mileage?
Did you have a pressure gage on the regulator to what pressure you had?It might be a low pressure pump 10-15 psi and you might not need a regulator if it runs okay without it.Some pump are higher pressure and require one.
Did you locate you fuel return line yet.I'd say your going to need it using a electric pump.Can you post a pic of what you got?Engine bay//where pump is located.
What carb do you have? some like different pressures than others.

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