fuel pressure gauge recommendations

fuel pressure gauge recommendations


Castle Rock, CO
1984 CJ-7, 258 I6, T5
Looking to test my fuel pressure (running rich issues) on a new Howell setup. However the gauge I bought has a schrader valve and a TBI adapter I couldn't use. Really just need a good inline unit that will do more than 15 psi. Any recommendations?
I have been using a permenent mounted, oil filled, 1 1/2" dia. 0-15p.s.i., under the hood type of whatever I can get. I have used Holley and Marshall for example, but they don't last too long, so I will have to use it only when needed. It should be mounted as close to the throttle body as you can also. I have also been getting a check engine code indicating a rich condition, so I backed down the fuel pressure to 9 p.s.i. from 10-12, and that seems to work o.k.
I would suggest contacting Howell, they have a pretty good customer service reputation.
Got the gauge hooked up. 13psi and on input side and 6 psi on the return.

Looks like a new return line is in my future. What is the easiest way to connect 3/8 return to the existing 1/4 return on the sending unit on the tank?
If I remember right the return goes into the fuel tank sending unit, if so you can remove the 1/4 line (it should be soldered in)and use an awl to enlarge the opening in the top of the sending unit and run a new 3/8 line from the throttle body to the tank for a permanently mounted gauge I am going with the below gauge and their adjustable fuel pressure regulator and spacer :chug: Your high performance 'airflow' parts source for GM / Chevy Tbi / Vortec / Marine + Racing

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