fuel problem

fuel problem

ozark nate

82 CJ-7
4.2 258
amc 30 front
amc 20 rear
DANA 300 T/C
hi guys im new to this site.I have a 82 CJ7 and under the drivers rear fender is a canister with two lines to my tank that leak fuel at a steep incline. The book says its a liquid check valve. is this a necessary item to have, can i bipass it or do I need to replace it with a new one? i called all the local part stores and I cant get one. I looked on morris 4x4 website and they dont list this part either. Any suggestions where I can get one if I cant bipass it. Thanks for any help.
Does Arkansas have emission testing? Many have removed the emissions if their state doesn't test.

The liquid check valve allows vapors to go to the charcoal canister but not liquids. If you have gas in the charcoal canister you liquid check valve is most likely bad.

Willys has them but they are pricey. -->> Fuel Valves

There is a set on ebay right now -->> Jeep CJ liquid check valve roll over CJ5 CJ7 CJ8 AMC | eBay

If you ever need a roll over valve you can get a Delorean (was owned by Chrysler) rollover valve and zip tie it into position for cheap if you don't mind using a non Jeep part. -->> DeLorean Motor Company - ROLL OVER VALVE
thanks for your response CJ, no Arkansas doesnt have emissions testing, and all the smog stuff has been removed from the engine.
You welcome - instead of replacing the liquid valve you might want to remove the remainder of your emissions parts - but that is entirely up to you.

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