fuel pump line

fuel pump line


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1975 cj-5,stock with 2'' lift. 304 engine with headers,motocraft 2100 2 bl carb,3 speed trans,
i've been trying for several days now to put in some line going between my pump and filter.i started out putting in a rubber line but after driving it i found that it started leaking where the metal clamp is tightened around the hose,i may have turned it one too many times. are there any companies that make pre bent metal fuel lines that will fit on my 304 engine block.thanks in advance for help provided.
Maybe time to learn how to make a metal line it's not that hard and a fuel line would be a good one to learn on. All you need is a bender and a flair tool they don't cost that much. I bought them to make a Auto Trans coolant line that is way harder and have never looked back. You own a old Jeep this is stuff you need to learn if I can do it anybody can. :)
You can go to a parts store and buy a straight stick of black metal line they are made to bend by hand and made not to rust

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I agree with Dalefan88, all it takes is a trip to the parts store. 5/16 tube w/fittings at the length that can work, hose nipples, clamps, and 5/16 hose. Go easy on the screwdriver.

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