Fuel Sender Facepalm!

Fuel Sender Facepalm!


Boston, MA
1984 Jeep CJ-7 6cyl 5spd
I'm long winded... the question is in red below... :X

Ok, I have an '84 "trans-chassis" CJ7... In other words, She likes to pretend she's a YJ. Ever since she's gotten her new YJ tub, she wears the thing all the time. If it weren't for her grille, you'd never know she was a CJ! I just don't know what to do!

Anyway... I bought a 15gal S/S fuel tank for a YJ complete with sending unit and whatnot... Now that it's in the car and full of fuel (that was the facepalm part), I noticed the YJ sender operates on a 3-wire premise while the CJ only operates on a 2-wire premise.
(see diagram)

Does anyone know if a CJ7 15gal fuel tank sender will fit in a YJ 15gal fuel tank? It's like $20 and probably worth the hassle to install if it means I don't need to futz with the wiring conversion.

:ty: So... tired... of... building... car... must... drive... jeep... before... winter... ugh! :oops:
hmm... I don't know...

I would try to look up the dimensions of each. They should work fine if it fits.
The third wire for the YJ is the ground, they need that ground since the gauge cluster that the fuel gauge is part of is mounted in plastic. The CJ gauge is ground through the speedo and to the dash, eliminating the need for the ground wire attached directly to the gauge.

The YJ sender should work just fine, if it's for a carburated YJ. If it's a fuel injected YJ sender I'd remove the fuel pump, and the related wire for it, that way your engine mounted fuel pump doesn't have to struggle to "pull" the fuel through the not-so-needed electronic fuel pump.

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