Fuel Sending Unit Question

Fuel Sending Unit Question


Colorado Springs, CO
59 Willys CJ5 302 V8 C4 Transmision Automatic with Warn overdrive D44 Rear D25 Front Saginaw Steering 32s with a lift
Okay, background. I'm smart but stupid with cars. My fuel gauge on my CJ5 does not work, when it's full it's full when it's empty it's shows 1/4 anything in between is a crapshoot. I've done some research and narrowed it down to be the sending unit... It's the only thing that connects to the gauge right? So I go into Auto Zone and start asking about it and they are looking in the computer and ask me if I have a 4 Cyl. I say no I have a V8 and they say it's not listed and I tell them it came out of a mustang, so they start looking for a mustang sending unit, when I state, the engine is mustang, but the tank is jeep, I believe stock. The "cashier" (I will not call them a tech or any other name after today) tells me it is irrellevant and it is based on the engine. If the sending unit is just a float and a wire WTF... Should just be the stock sending unit right???


1959 Willy's CJ5
Stock Fuel tank(I believe, it's black and is under the drivers seat and is a 10Gallon tank.(maybe a little more than that)

Anyways I walked away without ordering anything, came home and looked up this:


Other than not having the stock Jeep fuel tank is there any reason this will not work?

How Does a Fuel Sending Unit Work? | eHow.com

"The fuel-sending unit is a potentiometer that is adjusted by a float attached to a rod exactly like the float in a toilet bowl. When the fuel in the tank drops in level, the arm with the attached float correspondingly drops, which changes the amount of resistance in the potentiometer. It is a simple mechanism, although all the contacts must be very clean and tight since the whole system relies on resistance metering. A bad ground can cause a difference in resistance that the gauge would indicate."

Ehow site.

Thank you.
If you have the stock tank and fuel gauge than yes you need the stock sending unit for the jeep.
You just have to lie to the parts store guys sometimes, otherweise you just confuse them.:D
Thank you. I figured as much but then again I'm still learning car stuff.
In a nut shell...what you need is either the 5 bolt or 6 bolt pattern (depending on your tank) fuel sending unit in either 6 volt or 12 depending on your Jeeps system.
The safe thing to do is call Walck's and talk to a real person that knows what you need, order online and you will end up with the wrong thing.
Been there...Done that.

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