Full Floating Axles AMC20...

Full Floating Axles AMC20...


Bridgeport, TX
1977 CJ5 AMC304 T150 Dana 30/Aussie Locker Model 20/Trac Lock

1941 Willy's MB
Got a question fellas.... Ive got full floating axle conversion with warn lockouts in my AMC20 on my CJ5 . Curious if this setup is stronger than stock, and also is this a one piece shaft? I dont flat tow, so wont really miss this setup if i ditch it for some new one piece shafts. Also, i wish to keep the supposedly "weak" AMC20 (partly to quiet all the "haters" out there) so, i ask, would trussing solve my axle tube weaknesses? anybody bother trying this?:chug:
Keep the axle you have, weld the joint at tube to pumpkin, a couple of skip welds is good and truss if you feel the urge. The only thing I think I would object to with the full float axles is the slop in the hubs. You can replace the hubs with inserts from warn but they are expensive. The warn axles are the bomb! I would keep them, they are worth 3 or 400$ used on a good day. They are no longer made.:cool:
thanks buddy, ive got the warn lockouts on now. id like to pics on but cant figure out how to upload pics to my gallery???
and thats excellent news of their value...
posted this on another thread, but heres some pics... notice the set screw to keep from accidental engage/disengagement...
do a google serch of warn full float axles it will give you details of what once was. and what still is. you can get bearings and seals for them, I think, and the inserts that replace the hubs are about $300 if I remember right.
Those inserts were called fuses I think and are worth their price. Install them and o nly take them out to flat tow.
Keep the full floaters, it's a better set up than 1 pieces IMO.
As for the 20 you can weld the tubes as IO said, you can also truss it,
depends how much abuse you plan for it.

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