Fund raiser ride

Fund raiser ride

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Just letting everyone Know there is going to be a fund raiser ride for the Zoe fire dept. on may 16. The location is near Natural Bridge Ky. They have trails from stock to rock buggie so everyone is welcome. If you have any questions just ask and I'll get back to you. :D
Went to the ride over the weekend had a great time, there was around 60 rigs there mostly jeeps. It did start pouring rain around 2 so the ride got cut a little short. We got out of the woods around 4 to go to the BBQ.
Had a couple broken axles and a track bar that I know of. One of them was from our club and he had drove his jeep down there, soooo I loaded his jeep on my trailer and took him home (3 hour drive one way) than went back to our motel (2 in the morning) got some sleep and had to drive home myself sunday. Made for a long day saturday,
All in all had a great time and the Zoe VFD made some good money to help pay the bills.:)
Ouch... That's usually how it ends for a few... Glad to hear you were there to help out and sounds like it was well worth the time and effort!

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