Gas fumes from tank sender seal

Gas fumes from tank sender seal

1970 beepbeep

82 CJ7, 258 motor, 4 speed.
Hi all,
Newbie here with a question. I have an 82 CJ7 minus charcoal canister(bought this way) Just bought rig and noticed gas smell comming from inside, rear compartment. Lifted carpeting and noticed gas bubbling aroung lock ring. open gas cap to released alot of pressure (non vented cap) Noticed that on the top of the fuel tank one line for fuel supply and the other capped off, I assume this would of went to the nonexsistent charcoal cannister. Is there any type of "vented cap" to remedy this or do I just fill the tank 1/2-3/4 to comp. for the exspantion? 1st full tank since I brought her home. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks Rick:notworthy:
Is there also a vent canister/valve up in the space behind the wheel well?? :cool:
Hi All,
Does anyone know if the "vented gas cap" can be drilled to become vented? Tank has a lot of pressure behind the cap. Running a "Weber" carb. and the fuel return line is capped off, aswell as to hoses going to 2 devices that are supposed to be under the rear drivers wheel well( bought it with these removed)

Thanks in advance Rick

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