Gas pedal return spring?

Gas pedal return spring?


77 CJ 7, 258 i6, 3 speed
My gas pedal is not returning completely when I take my foot off. Is there supposed to be a return spring in the pedal assembly? I checked and didn't see one on my rig.

It returns all but about an inch. I thought it was an idle speed problem, but when I pull the pedal up with my toe, it idles just fine.

My return spring is on the carb linkage.:)
Should there be any play in the cable? I get about 1/2 inch od slop before the pedal actually pulls the cable taut. Maybe I can take a little slack out at the carb connection point.
on my jeep theres a spring from the throttle on the carb to a bracket that i believe is bolted to the intake towards the driver side fender and a little play doesnt do much harm lots of play can make the cable pop off which isnt really fun when you go to pull through an intersection and the thing keeps stalling out haha been there done that found out that other jeep owners are the reason why owning a jeep is probably the best investment ive ever made. one helped me push it to the side and fix the problem

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