gas pedal

gas pedal


RIP Mike, we'll all miss you
OKC area
'74 CJ-5,
360 AMC Engine.
35x12.50x15 TSL Super Swamper tires.

In a frame off rebuild for a long time...
When I got my Jeep, it wasn't long before the throttle cable snapped. I figured that it was old and was due to be replaced. It wasn't more than a year that I replaced my second one, so I got to looking at it a little closer.
I found that the arm of the pedal didn't line up directly with the outlet of the cable, and in time it was wearing the cable out to the breaking point.
The firewall hole has the factory 'bend' in it and doesn't look like its ever been bent. The pedal is mounted in the factory holes, and the arm doesn't seem to have shrunk.
Has anyone else noticed this,or is it just my Jeep?

My cure for this will be to lengthen the arm a little, about an inch or so.
Then mount the LOCAR throttle cable assembly I have. Hopefully that will cure the problem.
This sounds like a confusing problem. Can you take some pictures to help us see why things aren't lining up? Actually I'm not sure that will help us. It sounds like everything looks stock but the cable doesn't have a clean, strait shot through the firewall. Something must have changed. Maybe a PO put in a gas pedal that didn't come from a CJ (don't know why it would ever go bad). Sorry I don't have a good answer but something must have changed since it left the factory.
Your cure to lengthen the arm may work out.
It will be difficult to get good pics since I've had it apart working on it for a while. Its one of those things I come back to every once in a while, and normally get interrupted by life...:laugh: getting close to having a running truck, so I gotta deal with it soon,tho.

I'll get some shots of how it looks now, and try and explain it better.

This is the way the pedal lines up. The very tip of the pedal arm is where the hole used to be to engage the cable (green dot in third pic). Hopefully you can tell the cable is a ways above the centerline of the hole.

The new cable has a different attachment system than the stock cable, so the pedal had to be modified anyways.

Here I tried to show how the old cable was run. You can see the angle (red line) the cable had to flex as the pedal was moved, resulting in rubbing right at the end of the stock cable housing. This was wearing the cables out right where it entered the housing.

As near as I can tell, there was nothing replaced or damaged in this area, or at least no evidence to that fact.

Did that make it clear as mud? :)
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I see what you are saying. That's different than my '79 CJ5 . The pedal looks riveted to the firewall so it can't be in the wrong place.

That cable guide in the firewall: if you were to loosen it up could you move it? Is that hole oversized?
There is a square hole punched there, the old cable snapped into the hole. The LOCAR cable nuts are just a little smaller than the hole, so not much wiggle room. I can back the cable housing out a little to get a little more room, I just threw that in there for the moment to see what it looks like. I'm gunna have to stretch the pedal arm. I got some steel already for that, just need time and above freezing weather again! :laugh:
I'd be drilling that bracket out and relocating it about 3/4 of an inch or so higher.
Looking at the picture in post #3 the pedal arm looks smooth or different below the pivot point. If you can remove the pedal and pivot post you could grind it off and move the pedal arm up on the post and weld. Just a thought
Its got a welded pin for a pivot point. The only welder I have is a centuries old stick welder, so I don't believe I can replace it safely.
As soon as this weather front goes away, I'm going to lengthen the rod. That might give me a little more/faster throttle response, which can only help when I race, right? :)

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