Gas Smell still bad

Gas Smell still bad

Sgt ED

Ft Walton Beach, Fl
Bone Stock 1978 CJ7 Golden Eagle 304 3SP auto with quadratrac transfer case.
Ive had my CJ7 for about 3 weeks now and ive had a bad gas smell since i got it. The PO put in a new gas tank fuel pump and fuel filter due to the fact the woman he bought it from let it sit up for a few years. ive replaced all the emissions control vaccuum lines, the evap canister filter, and tweeked my carb but its not running rich. ive checked all the fuel lines and found no leaks. Wondering if anyone might have some insight as to why it still smells. it is a 1978 CJ7 golden eagle with the 304
Fuel tank vent goes thru the roll over check valve in the left rear wheel well, take a look to see if it's the problem. From there the tank vent goes to the charc. can. as I recall.
yea i have seen the valve you are talking about and its covered with mud and :dung: so first thing in the morning ill check it thanks
I've got the same problem. Seems worse when going up long hills with curves.It Was so bad the other day I pulled over 2 times to check for leaks.The PO I got it from seems to have done some "creative" plumbing with the fuel lines. I think it's comming from under the hood.
yea same here i guess all the vaccuum lines were just too far gone and instead of having a professional redo them he just blocked a bunch of the emissions control lines off so i got a vaccuum diagram and replaced all of it. i also had to rehook up the quadratrac vaccuum lines wich were just left alone, and i still cant get the e-drive to work but its a project
My 80 cj5 had a gas smell and it turned out to be a rust hole in the tank. It was a slow enough leak that the gas eveporated before getting to the ground. I bought a new tank but haven't gotten around to put it in yet.
well the PO replaced all of the fuel system components including the tank i just need to get off of my rear and get under it to see if anything is loose or if the check valve is not working on the fuel line itself

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