gas tank

gas tank

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83 CJ7 350 tbi, TH350, D300 twin sticked & clocked, narrowed Chief D44 Eaton Elocker & Moser shafts, Explorer 8.8 Detroit locker, 410's, RE 4.5" spring lift 1" body lift, 35" Claws, cage tied to frame, Corbeau baja seats, HD tie rod and draglink, u-bolts flipped, custom skid plate and sliders, Warn 9.5ti winch with Amsteel synthetic line
I installed a new blue torch fab. diff. cover so I could weld up a truss and bolt it to the cover. Now the cover hits my gas tank when I compress the supension. Anyone know of a gas tank that would work? I have a 15 gal. now. I have looked at fuel cells but none of them will work either.(at least not the ones I saw)
Anyone know what size were on YJ's or TY's? It would have to be something like 15" front to back to work. Also I want to stay with a 15 gal. or so. I use to much gas to go smaller.
Your asking about a tank to clear your 83 with an aftermarket (what axle) diff cover? I this correct? Just trying to understand your situation...
I'm still using the AMC20 diff. But the new cover sticks out farther and hits the gas tank now when the rear springs are compressed.
Don't take this the wrong way but... A dead blow hammer? I'd have to see a pic to go further... :)
don't really have a good pic. I'll have to see if I can come up with something. The BFH idea won't really work it need more room than that.
Dog....I think you may be forked!:eek: I don't know what you could swap in there to adress that clearance problem.
They make a fuel cell that goes behind the seat, but it may not pass your states regulations. I have the same problem which will be even greater when I get my 1-tons in. I looked at building my own tank for the profile I needed to clear. However I also want to stretch mine to 102". So I an going to put a splice piece in and basically make it a CJ8, moving the tank backwards.
Check out Gen-Right fuel tanks they make tanks for added axle clearance.
How bad is it hitting ? I had a similar problem when I put a 21 gal tank in, just took a BF crow bar and persuaded it to not rub.:D
Just had a buddy from my club say he had the same problem with an aftermarket cover. He let it hit till it made it's own clearance.
I have a skid I made on mine thats .187 thick diamond plate it's going to he hard to bend by me or the cover.
I know gen-rite makes one but I didn't want to spend that kind of money :eek:
I noticed the YJ tank was wider than the CJ but have not been able to measure one yet to see if it would work. I know the filler is wrong.
I would like to keep it under the Jeep to help the COG.
CJ this ones for you it's the only pic I have took it while getting new bearings put on axles. I had just put the cover on here.
OK quick questions: with the U-bolt flip it just keeps the bolts from dragging correct; do you use the same bump stop with the flip?
you'r right they just give you extra clearance. (all my u-bolts were bent) As far as the bump stops go if you have the stock springs I'm not sure as you would loose some room on top. I have a 4" lift so I had to lower my bump stops anyway. (At least in front I haven't done the rear yet.)
The YJ tank is a 20 gallon tank, the YJ guys commonly chop a tube in the fuel filler to take advantage of the 20 vs. 15. I have a '06 rubicon unlimited I can measure the tank if ya like. which measurements do you need?

Check out summitracing for racing fuel cells, there are like 100's on that site.
checked out summit and jeggs for cells, the best they had were 17" same as the stock tank. Other than that I would have to move it inside the Jeep (don't want to do that). Coldwater you might be right, stick a fork in me I'm done. Time to break out the GBFH. (thats "great big"):D

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