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1981 cj5 304 v8, 300 Dana,model 30 Dana and model 20 AMC rear end
I am in the middle of a transfer case rebuild. Should a person use the gaskets on the alum adapter plate etc or use a sealent. Is there a pro or con to the use of gaskets?
The only gasket that I would not use on the aluminum housings is the one for the shifter housing, as it would change the preload on the rear bearing. I just used the 518 sealer in the corner of the aluminum housings.

The paper gasket is probably as thick if not thicker than the shims on the rear bearing.
I picked up some loctite. Still have to get some super 300.So in todays world we do not really need gaskets?The big gasket between the tranny and bell housing if used would only get a perimeter bead of sealent? Would there be a reason to use more expect around bolts etc when using a large gasket.
No, still need gaskets, just not on parts that weren't designed for gaskets. The housing to case parts were designed for a sealant not a gasket IMO, as the FSM specs a sealant.

I didn't use a gasket between the bell housing and trans. Did use the large one that comes with the kit between the trans and t case adapter. The mating surfaces there are large flat to large flat and the out put shaft rear bearing has no oil seal. Did put some 300 around the shafts when I installed them and after they were seated on both the front and rear. You can see the black around them in this pic.


Did use some 300 along the edges of the gasket around the bearing and shaft hole. Not around the outside edge. Didn't see the need for sealant there and don't want to have any more gasket to scrape if I ever have to split the trans and adapter again.:D The original (I'm assuming) gasket was a material that was kind of a rubber impregnated paper (?) That's the only way I can describe it. It wasn't just paper, was pretty thick as gaskets go. Maybe some type of vinyl?

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