Ghetto Fab?

Ghetto Fab?


Central FL
'72 CJ5, 401, T18, D20, D44, D30
'82 CJ8, 258, D300, AMC20, D30
I know that we all don't make or create the perfect part for our CJ's. Or we have taken a short cut or two when we had two.

So, fess up, post pics of stuff that works but might get that weird look from someone else. :) I have a few of them also, I'll post up when I can find pics. :)

Here is an example. :) I don't have a pic, but - I used a C-Clamp for a while to hold my body down to the frame on the drivers side by the fire wall. :notworthy: The body mount was so rusted out that the body moved up when I pressed the clutch pedal instead of the clutch arm moving in. One C-Clamp later, a repaired body mount! :chug:

Let's see those ghetto pics! :eek:
another no pic, but during a tough trial ride at the bottom of a large rocky hill, the throttle cable broke at the pedal.
15 minutes, 4 zip ties, and a small pair of vice-grips fixed it for about 6 months until I replaced the cable!
Here's a picture of my "Manual windshield wiper" since I didn't have a wiper motor at the time. I used it at all the red lights, LOL.
See if you can pick it out.

Ok I'll play. The first pic was my temperary overflow bottle, the second one is my getto fab.
I was going to mock it up and take it off to paint and finish, but it still looks like this now.
ok, was out one time and blew a rear break cylinder, so, no brakes right, nope I pulled the line from the drum and circled it back around, taking off the other side, and put it in the splitter fitting causeing a loop. Like no rear brakes but I had front brakes. So I get home, and did not think of it for about 2 weeks then I freaked, seems I had did several days of driving around town doing chores like that, LOL you got to love it.
Had a spark plug blow out once (the ceramic part), used a bungee cord to hold it in until we got home. She drove around for a month like that! hmm, hmm, pff, hmm :) It was a four cylinder... :)
On the radiator were the side bracket is braids the the main body, mine seperated itself. I used two stock shackle side plates and threaded rod to make a wrap around clamp. It held the radiator together for about five years until I came across another one. I actually put the clamp on both sides to prevent the same thing from happening. Broken rad mounts and a moving fan are not a good mix.
I had an old farm rig 3-A that dropped the cross member when the frame rotted through and let go on one side. I went in through the top of the hump, wrapped a bunch of bailing wire around the trans , transfer case and shoved a digging bar across the door openings and through the wire sticking up through the floor. It clunked,, a LOT, but worked for a couple years of further torture till the little engine laid down. :(
Well heres a two fer. My radiator overflow tank for one. Sorry Old Dog mines bigger than yours. :D And # 2 how about those dual carb return springs? :eek:

Well heres a two fer. My radiator overflow tank for one. Sorry Old Dog mines bigger than yours. :D And # 2 how about those dual carb return springs? :eek:


Hell I've so many CJ's like that, I thought it they came like that stock!:laugh:
my turn. here is my troddle linkage and return springs when i put my motorcraft carb on.

this is by far the funniest thread iv ever seen

but yal are getting serious about rigging some stuff haha what happened to the good ole duct tape?

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