Glass tub and aftermarket doors

Glass tub and aftermarket doors


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I have a glass tub and when I take the top off and put on a bikini top it looks like there will be no place for the half doors to latch closed. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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Not alot of info there but if I were to guess, you have an older stock style top with the door handles that latch to the vertical rod that is inserted in the top fabric. With this style, you do not have provisions to use a half door. The Bestop super top has a latch that bolts to the tub and their door are two pieces so when you take the top part of the door off, you have a half door with a latch on the body.
Exactly. I do have the doors that you describe now. Most of the tops I see snap to the body and I have channels that the top slips in like on the tj's. How much is the top you describe? Haven't seen this one for my 75 CJ5

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