GM 305 TPI questions

GM 305 TPI questions


Beaufort, NC
1977 CJ7 304 V8 3 spd, D20TC, D30, AMC20, fiberglass tub, Edelbrock performer intake, terrible Carter AFB carb.
2010 Toyota Tundra 5.7, SR5, TRD, reg cab, short bed, stock.
I'll try to be brief with so many questions. Today, I located a GM 305 TPI for sale. No wiring, unknown year, no accessories, just a harmonic balancer, and the tuned port injection plumbing on top and the sides. This guy wants $500.00. I think it would cost me another $1500.00 for the wiring and all the needed brackets, water pump, power steering, etc. So here's my questions: Is this a Gen II or Gen III GM small block?, can this be adapted to my T-150 spd transmission? Where can I at least locate a book or manual on this engine?, since I have no idea what year(s), or applicable vehicles this engine was implemented. With the aforementioned being said, do you think this is too much trouble? I know a regular ole' 350 with a carburetor would be a lot easier to locate all the accessories, and install. *But, I believe that 305 TPI would get better fuel economy. Thanks in advance for your comments.:)
I think it would cheaper and a hole lot less of this :bang: if you found a doner so you could get everything you will need. I know junk yards will sell you every thing. I would walk away from that. IMO

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