Golden Eagle Decal/Options

Golden Eagle Decal/Options


North Carolina
1979 cj5 golden eagle. AMC 304 v8. Edelbrock 600. Dana 20. Currently original wheels with crappy tires...looking to upgrade to a classic style with some 15" Mickey Thompson classic lock and 31" General Grabber Red Letters.
Hey newbie here. Just bought a 1979 CJ5 Golden Eagle . I was looking into getting a decal kit but there kind of hard to find. I've looked around the forums and any links giving don't work. Also, are there any other options besides decals? I've heard of airbrushing it on and just having it striped and paint.
what type of decal are you looking for? they have a water application type. or a 3M type. i have heard that the water type is better so you can move it around to where you want it. and welcome to the site!!:chug:
Thanks. Right now I'm looking for the eagle for the hood, the letters for the edges of the hood and any other stripes/misc that went with it. I'm trying to bring it back to the complete original look. Also which kind of decal would you suggest? I didn't know there were different types.
well get about 5-6 buddies or someone whos really good a putting on stickers. i would prefer the squeegee type. you can move it if its not centered. also i asked a guy at the Bantam Jeep festival about his Goldie, he said the squeegee type was what he used and he thought it was way better than the 3M type. Good Luck on your Golden Eagle :chug:

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