Greetings from Canada

Greetings from Canada


Millet Alberta Canada
1982 CJ5, 360 AMC, AMC 20 diff, 176 trans, dana 300 TC, dana 30 front diff.
I am just starting a build on a 82 CJ5. I am in the process of tearing down a junkyard 360 for a rebuild. I also need to fabricate some of the body mount points as they have rusted out and collapsed. I purchased a oem rubber mount kit and the illustrations are vague. Anyone have a picture of how the rear mount should be installed. I have two large bushings in the kit which I think should go in the rear as the holes there are larger. THX in advance for any info.
I am going to move this thread so you eet a answer quicker to your question

oh Welcome to the site, hope you do not mind me moving it but the answer will pop up quicker in the tech section

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