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1972 CJ5, 304, 3 speed
New to the forum. Just bought myself a 72 CJ5. 304 v8 w/ a 3 speed. I started sanding on it today to know where i need to replace metal and found alot of bondo. Question is, how much is too much to have to fix before it would be more cost productive to just buy a new tub? I'm a rookie at redoing a vehicle.
Il is definitely in the rust belt. They all seem to rust in similar places. Ther are repair panels you can buy. All depends on how bad and how much you want to do.

There's a reason why there are so many Fiberglas tubs out there.

Put some pics and you will get at lot of opinions.
MY reply to your question is almost a question back

how good are your skills and is any structural areas rusted out?

In the rust belt fiberglass tubs seem to be the ticket.

Good luck:chug:
Mechanically I can do about anything. Never done body work before though. I'm sure I could figure it out but I'm working outside and would have to purchase/borrow bodywork tools. Whats your thoughts on fiberglass patching? I've patched a boat before, can't be much different. Frame has some surface rust but that will be mostly a sand and paint. Seems to have rust around the wheel wells and around the bottom edges of the frame

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