Grinding like Hell

Grinding like Hell


Clarksville, TN
78 CJ7 258 T150 3 Speed Dana 20
I've got a T-150 tranny and before i could go about 10 to 15 minutes before it started, it will make a loud grinding noise in 1st, 3rd, and revers. 2nd is good as gold, no noise, no nothing. I changed all the fluids and drove around the block, 1st isn't as bad as it was but reverse sounds like i high pitched banshy grinding metal. 3rd is still aweful, so bad people turn to watch me drive by! i can't figure out if it's the transmission(rebuilt in 2000 w/ less than 10,000 miles on it) or the flywheel? When i push the clutch in it will stop. sometimes coasting to a stop light it will grind a little as well. clutch maybe? i'm hoping it's not the drivetrain.....

I'm lost and pissed/worried.....just got the ok and finish by boat restore with the wife now the jeep!!!!!
does the bell housing have an inspection plate? Sounds like you need to pull the tranny to check out theclutch system and if that is ok, dive into the tranny
Pilot bushing??? Had that happen to me. Any vibration? Put your transfer case in neutral and put it in gear and try to pinpoint it. Chock the wheels first...
OK! As DUMB and PAINFUL as it is to type this, I found the issue.
I put the jeep in 4hi and locked the hubs and roled around the driveway with no noise in any gear. I drove around my farm with no issues at all. I put the jeep in Neutral and then back in 2hi. It all works perfect and no noise, vibration, whining, grinding,..........NOTHING! Shifts like a dream. I changed all the oils again to make sure and it's still running like a dream.

My guess is that it was caught between 2 and 4 wheel drive!

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