Halfing 2 tubs together.

Halfing 2 tubs together.


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THis is a duplicate post from my build page but figured some people dont read build threads and may be interested in this.

Im gonna peice me a tub together. I have a Full CJ tub that has a rotted cowl area and a Solid yj Front half so ive decided im going to piece them together. Never done this before I figured id take a few pics and post em.. hoping either some one can add some insight or provide them with some.

Heres the first thing I did.

I drilled 2 peices of steel to fit snug between the out side seat holes, measured in 2" from the rear hole and mounted the up right. I reinforced the 2.5" flat stock with left over angle and hung it between the uprights. My idea for the frame work is to lay a speed square on the front of it and I can trace a line about 90% across floor. the other 10% Ill use the good ole calibrated eye ball. Im thinking sawzall for the majority of the cutting. Im not sure how well a cut off wheel will do. Im pretty acurate with the sawzal. any pointers or tips? I painted the orange stripe so I would have contrast to the black tub. In hind sight I nver checked how close the bolt holes were on the CJ tub so hopefulle the frame work will transfer right over to it and I can cut the same lines.

Im currently trying to get my motor back together and want it done before I start cutting on the tub since they are both kept in the same area so it might be a few days before I get back to working on the tub.

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