Happy fathers day

Happy fathers day


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To all the fathers out there.May your 6 packs be many and your cards full of money.:chug:
HFD to all:chug:... For me, it's heading to the beach with the family to get some am surfing in! They started to complain that "the water isn't warm enough yet" until I explained my "no pity" attitude, having learned in the Cali waters 28 years ago, where I was lucky to get water temps at the 65* level:D... It's gonna be a GREAT day!
I am going to raise a glass to all the Dads that can't be hanging with their kiddos today.
anybody can be a father, being a Dad is the highest calling a man can achieve.
Happy Dads day.
lmao.... thats some funny :dung: right there.... I'm the resident barmaid. I drink when I want :)
To all the Dads out there:

Happy Fathers Day!!

My two boys and my grandson are picking me up and it's off to the monster truck show for fathers day!
I usually dont share pics of my kids and such but we had a blast today. Its amazing how much a simple trip to the river can lead to alot of fun. The older my kids are getting the less they want video games and such. Their more interested in the simple stuff we did today. A picnic, some swimming and general horseplay. It was a great day. Heres my 2 daughters and my younger daughters boyfriend. Hes a good kid and it was nice to have him there too.

And the same for this year too. My husband is enjoying the day with his two sons at home...:D

Great Pic Pete! Looks like ya'll are having a blast!!

To all the Dads out there:

Happy Fathers Day!!

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Happy Day to Dads

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Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there!
To all the Fathers out there - happy your day. Sit back and have a couple 🍻 on me! :party:

And to my Dad, always thinking of you and miss ya! :chug:

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