Happy halloween!!!!

Happy halloween!!!!

wrangler rider

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the south
95 wrangler with 88 4.2 carbed with puguetoe(?) 5spd both fresh rebuilds, spring over, 3inch body, spring arched 2 inches and stiffened, 10 inches of total lift on 36inch tsls 8k mile marker winch, ect.
1969 dodge charger rt se 440, 727 torqueflite 3.55 suregrip with 8 3/4 axle, everyone is making her a headache for me but i love her 1000xs more then my jeep
2005 dodge 3500 cummins 6speed dually work truck, not mine
Yeah you know it is. So until about 8 or 9 your kids will drag you all over your neighbor hood :p. Glad I aint got kids!
Dont forget to leave candy out or me and my buddies will egg your house! :D Just Kidding! Were good kids!
But yeah, buy me some CANDY!
and Happy Halloween, and YES this is NEWS!
But so this wasn't pointless, completly, what were you and/or your kids and how was it this year?
we ran the kid and a soon-to-be relative kid around the Mother-in-laws neighborhood last night. Had a lot of fun watching them race from house to house and gather the loot. Then went home and confiscated most of for ourselves :laugh:

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