hard shifting twins shifters

hard shifting twins shifters


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My 2 to 4 shifter operates fine but the low to high is a pain plus it keeps popping out. Maybe I need to check for binding
The first thing I look for is the floor clearance hole can kick it out as the body moves, but you are probably beyond that, I had to ask though. Not knowing what brand of shifter you have, make sure it is traveling as much as it needs to and not binding. After that I would think you would have to open up the t-case, it is a bit old of course.
As you look at it from the bottom the left side is for 2X4. The one on the right is for high and low. with the shifter all the way back it's in high, so the rod coming out of the transfer case should be all the way forward. It still pops out of high. :(
As long as you have the cover off, why not go for a drive to try to kick it out of gear. This would help determine if the problem is internal or extermal by watching it happen.
Yea I did drive it. Right now I'm thinking the spacing of the holes and the shifter needed a little modding. I'll drive it again today.
Swing by the house with it and I will take a look at it I'm at work until Monday

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