hard top and doors

hard top and doors


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How much would a good hard top and steel doors be worth? I'm moving to Florida and don't know if I want to have to move them too. I really don't see a need for a hard top in florida.
Unfortunately the answer really is location and season dependant. I bought a very nice hardtop in CT for $200, the same one here in VA would run me $500 - $700. Same thing goes for the doors. I would scout your local craigslist and local car mags for what they run for in your neck of TX.

The other thing you have going against you is that its the beginning of summer, most people aren't looking for a hardtop and doors right now, they're thinking soft or bikini top and no doors.
I forgot to add this to the previous post, I personally wouldn't sell of a hardtop and doors. You never know if you may want/need them where you move. And, if/when you ever go to sell your CJ, if you have a top and doors its worth a lot more, at least in my eyes anyway :)
Depends. The early twist latch doors usually sell for much less than the later paddle doors. I paid $AMC 150 for a servicable (but far from perfect) early hard top & doors set while a decent set with paddle doors goes for $500-$700 around here.
I have seen them listed here from $600 to $1500 depending on what kind of shape they are in.
Right now I need to get my hands on as much cash as I can. Moving 660 miles on our dime is not gonna be cheap. I figure if I want another hard top I'll get one later.
Go to a place like searchtempest that allows you to easily search craigslist. Search for a hard/top doors within 250 miles of your location. Use that as a basis to set your price. Check YJ tops and doors as well as they are very similar to the CJ w/paddle doors and can be interchanged.
Most Cj parts seem to sell for more in TX than they do in the north east. I have a good condition CJ7 hardtop that I'm trying to get $300 for. Full doors I usually get around $300 for a set just to give you an idea of prices. It really depends on condition of the parts and how fast you want to sell them.
Wow they went quick! $600 bucks And the other guy that showed up with the guy buying my top bought my old tires and wheels.

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