hard top/doors won't line up

hard top/doors won't line up


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st. clair shores, MI
1982 CJ7: 151cu iron duke/ sr-4 trans/ dana 300/ dana 30 front amc 20 rear 3.73 gears.
so i bought from a guy a set of hard full doors and a hard top that supposedly were on his CJ7. now that i have them on mine they don't seem to line up at all. granted the hard top doesn't have the header installed and not all the bolts are in for it but the doors seem like they need to be up another inch or more. they hit the bottom of the door sill and slide up onto it without closing all the way






What you need to do is adjust the door hinges. There should be three bolts on each hinge , lower and upper. Loosen them just enough so the door is movable. Roll down the window and push upward on the door till you get the fit you want then tighten atleast one down to hold the door in place before you let go.

It can be frustrating and most likely will take multiple attempts but you will get the "feel" of it. There doesnt seem to be anything wrong with your doors. Id get the hardtop situated first then adjust the doors after. It sounds like your hardtop is in the correct spot but you can get some movemnt front and back on it as well. Its all about shifting things in the right direction. You'll get it and understand more after a try or two.


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