hard top hardware

hard top hardware


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Where do all these go?

6 &7 are the main bolts for the hardtop. 1 & 2 are probably the washers for those bolts. What are #3,4, and 5 for?
It's hard to tell from your pitcher but 4 or 5 would be the screws that go across the w/s frame.
I installed the screws in the windsheild frame already. Thats why there are empty spaces between 4 and 5. #5 is very short counter sunk screws 5 each. #4 is button head machine thread and sheetmetal screws. #3 is acorn nuts. Could this just be extra not applicable to my hardtop?
Replacements for the back window lifters? Latching mechanism? Those are the only other holes in the hard top that I can think of?

Oh, and the hinges.
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All I can say is better to get more stuff then you need then the other way around.

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