hard top vent and fiberglass acme door question

hard top vent and fiberglass acme door question


Ararat, NC
1978 CJ-7 V8
my 78 CJ7 has a haard top with no vents. i was wondering if any vents can be bought or fabricated in the rear for ventalation. i also have some acme full fiberglass door with the sliding windows. with the windows open there is very little breeze. they also dont line up good and was needing to know it the hinges are adjustable. thanks
I have never seen vents in a hardtop and you have after market doors. Do they line up with the tub and not the w/s frame our nothing at all? With a hard top you want air you take it off.
ive seen some of the newer jeep hard tops that have vents in the rear corners. was wondering if anyone has made any or installed any kind of vent in one. and the doors dont line up good at all.
I'm sure if you google something like "Jeep hardtop vent" it will come up with something. As for the foors... Junk 'em. Get some steel ones!
wish i could junk the doors but ive only found one set of steele doors here and they are 450 firm. dont want to pay that much. im gonna get a soft top and doors before winter.
A soft top is going to cost way more then doors.
^Yeah it is, a decent one at least. Luckily he has all of spring, summer, and fall to save up for one :p

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