hardtop weatherstrip

hardtop weatherstrip


Castle Rock, CO
1984 CJ-7, 258 I6, T5
I have a gaping hole between my hardtop hatch and the back of the hardtop. I have replaced the weatherstrip that goes around the hatch door but what I thought was the right strip for the hardtop wasn't it. I have a picture but can't seem to find the correct stuff. Anyone have a link to where I can get this?

The other ones I got from Morris.
Yes this is what I bought and it goes around the outside of the tailgate and seals against the hardtop. But in the picture there is some rubber stripping that is on the actual hardtop where the tailgate sits.

Right now I have a airgap between the top of the tailgate and hardtop. The new seal helped but I need to replace the other too.
Morris also shows a inner seal prt# 5758072

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