Hartop door seals

Hartop door seals


Pine, AZ
1980 CJ5, pretty much rebuilding it stock, 4 speed, 4 cylinder, front disk brakes, power brakes, power steering.
I am rebuilding a 1980 CJ5, it came with a (aftermarket) Acme hardtop, can anybody help me with the seal design that came on the doors?
Acme Hardtops
Yes those are the hard tops that have the sliding front windows.
If I am not mistaken they have foam weather seal like most automotive doors. You can get that stuff at J.C. Whitney. They have several types and shapes.

If that doesn't help please extrapolate on your problem sealing the doors.
Also post some pictures. That should help us help you.
I had an ACME top and doors on my CJ7 when I bought it. I had an absolutely horrible time trying to get new door seals to stick. I used 3M weatherstripping adhesive and a lot of the $1.99 clamps that you can get at the home depot. The biggest thing about getting the new weatherstripping to stick is to completely clean off the old adhesive. It's a royal pain in the you know where to get all of that stuff off of the fiberglass of those doors. Same goes for replacing the weatherstripping on the top. Here's a good link with a great write-up by a guy who completely refurbed a CJ5 ACME top.

1979 Jeep CJ-5 Buildup: Acme Hardtop Restoration
Thank you for your response, I have looked at the JC Whitney seals but was not sure which one was similar to original or which one would work well. I have no seal left on my doors to use a an example.
Thank you, I had read his article, which is great, BUT, he does not say what he used for the seal
soffseal.com they have universal stuff that might do it for you :chug:

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