Has anyone put the blinkers on the fenders of a CJ?

Has anyone put the blinkers on the fenders of a CJ?


Denver, CO
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With my new Smittybilt XRC bumper and winch (covered) you can barely see the blinkers. Has anyone ever relocated them to the fender or bumper and made them look good? I have a 79 CJ7 all fiberglass body btw.
When I got my '79 CJ5 the front turn signals didn't work. Problem was the light sockets. Replacements cost a bit more than I was expecting. I bought marker lights and mounted them on my fenders. In the bright sunlight I think people have trouble seeing them flash. If I were to do it over I think tinted marker lights would have worked better. When the sun shines on them it looks like they are always on. If I had tinted lights I think there would be a bigger difference between off and on when the sun is bright.

I have a set of fenders that I am pretty sure came off a postal truck. It has about 4" square marker/turns on the fenders with a little guard over them for protection. Not the prettiest things, but I guess they worked.
I mounted some extra turn signal lights to the sides of my winch plate beside the winch. I used small motorcycle turn signals, very bright even in sunlight.
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I just ordered that set and will add a pic when they come in and I get them installed.
here is a pic of were I mounted lights.
Very nice, your normal blinkers are as hidden as mine so this seems like the simple solution. Thanks for the idea!
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warn used to offer a set of lights to mount on the winch mount plate. some winch packages came with this.:cool:
ancient history, water powered 8K warn winch.:laugh::laugh:

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