Head Gasket Question...

Head Gasket Question...


Upstate SC
1974 CJ5, 304v8... purchased 8/8/11
I recieved a master kit which included a Victor head gasket set...these appear to be mesh metal covered with a plastic layer...duplicate of the normal metal gaskets but I have never used these "plastic covered metal ones"....any thoughts...great, :dung:, ???
Anybody used these and had good or bad luck with them?
thanks for any insight. ed
That is the head gaskets that were on my 401. I had a compression leak into the water jacket causing over heating. I replaced the head gaskets last summer with Edelbrock head gaskets, that have a seal around the water ports. They are a little more expensive but I think worth it. With heads reworked and planed, with these gaskets solved my over heating. You could see the leak with heads off, it ran from the number 3 cylinder to the water port.So I don't like the Victor gaskets.

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