Header/Exhaust ?

Header/Exhaust ?


McCordsville, IN
79' CJ7 304, 3 speed, 33 x 12.50 x 15, all stock with fiberglass tub
My CJ7 has the fender well headers with exhaust that turns out before the rear tire that was install by the PO. I like the sound and look, but my wife is 5'5'' and has a hard time getting in. I want to install a step bar of some sort.
So my question is if i go back to a stock manifold with in frame exhaust and rear exit. (This is more of a road cruiser than a trail machine.) Will i have to do a lot of retuning of the engine/carb ?
If i come up with a stock set-up is this something i could do without having to take it to a exhaust shop?

Thanks in advance for everyone's help and comments.
Honestly, exhaust in it's stock location is more conducive to offroading then fenderwell headers for a variety of reasons, most importantly side clearance at the rockers.

you shouldn't need to do any tuning.

You will probably want a shop to build them up for you, it's not that expensive and you can have them tuck the pipes up above the frame rails. I went this route a few years back and it cost me a couple hundred is all.
I went dual exhaust all the way back with glasspacks and exited at each corner.
Personally I have a 79 CJ7 with a 360, and just got rid of my headers in favor of going back to stock iron manifolds...In fact, it is at the exhaust shop today, picking it up tomorrow for the first time with manifolds on it. If I had a bender and welder handy, it might have been on my list of things for me to tackle... But for about $280, it is being done RIGHT!!

I am totally fed up with header leaks at the head mating surface. However you didnt mention that as a determining factor though. (header leaks) But I am all about consistency, and listening to a "tick tick tick" header leak is nothing more than a piss-off to me...

Is there not ANY clearance to put a side step AND keep the side exhaust?

I am biased regarding this... but in MY opinion, lose the headers, go stock, and keep the wife happy.

I seriously doubt there will be any re-tuning issues. Headers help your engine breath a LITTLE better, but to be honest since you are running a 304, the exhaust valves are kinda small. Any breathing issues are generated there. I doubt going back to stock is going to hurt your performance. Just MY opinion...

good luck..
(header leaks) But I am all about consistency said:
I hear you there nothing worse then a header leak! Im picking up a 4.0 head and trying to deside what "header" i want to use with it. :confused:
In reality, headers don't do much for a jeep unless you spend a lot of time on the road. They definately help the engine breath easier at higher rpms.
Fenderwell header seam to always leak, and stink, and make your floors hot, I hate mine.
They do sound nice though. (in between leak episodes)
I used to have the fenderwell headers on my AMC V8 also, but changed to stock manifolds and full exhaust out the rear. It is a better system.

It will probably run just fine, if not better with the stock exhaust. The headers would have a tendency to lean out the fuel mixture, so going back to stock will make the mixture a bit richer. This is better for cooling and good for preventing detonation. If the plugs get sooty, then you can change the jets a few sizes at a time to get it right.

Make sure you check your manifold vacuum and set your power valve properly if you have a Holley. This can make a huge difference if you're knocking under load.
Performance wise, there was never any reason to design an aftermarket header for AMC V8's. But because somebody "could", somebody "did". :rolleyes:

The stock cast iron dogleg style exhaust manifolds provides ample flow with little to no restriction. They traditionally seal up better and the outlet will always be in a stock position. :cool:
Thanks everyone for your input! I think i'm gonna back to stock. Have a nice Jeep salve yard close they might have a set. Could find someone welling to trade out never know.

Thanks Again everyone!:chug:
I got a stock set from a 83 J-10.. I think the headers are the same type as the CJ-v-8. Id sell then to you for 20 plus the ride of you cant find any local.

I had a CJ that had outside the frame headers. the PO had pipes run the length of the frame and drop out behind the axle which made it alot quieter and cooler.

Thanks everyone for your input! I think i'm gonna back to stock. Have a nice Jeep salve yard close they might have a set. Could find someone welling to trade out never know.

Thanks Again everyone!:chug:

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