Heater Duct for 75 CJ5?

Heater Duct for 75 CJ5?


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Arnold, CA
75 CJ5 304V8 T15 D20 D44 D30 2 1/2" lift, 05 Victory Kingpin, 2011 GMC Sierra 3500 Diesel 4x4
Anyone know where I can get one or know what else will fit?

Every placed I've checked shows for only 78 & up.

Thanks, Bill
Seen them on E-Bay before or if you want to take a trip go to J&W Auto Wreckers in Antelope,CA. off Hiway 80 near Roseville. about 10 acres of Jeeps 800-924-9732.
I've seen huge metal boxes with heater parts stacked like cord wood there. Make sure if you go you have a picture of what you want. A lot to look at there.
Thanks for the tip on J&W. I'll check them out.
I replaced mine with some duct I found at Oreilly. If they have it in the size you need be sure to have an accurate measurement of what you want, as I recall it cost a whole lot more than I thought it should.:cool:
Thanks IO -

I tried NAPA and they couldn't come up with anything. I'll try O'reillys.
And doesn't everything cost more than you think it should?:rolleyes:

Bill :chug:

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