Heater question

Heater question


1984 CJ7, AMC 304 V8
Need to test my heater motor. Should it be tested by jumping the black/LT brown connection on the motor resistor?
If you just want to see if the motor works, unplug the wire to the motor under the battery tray and jump a hot wire down to it. If its good it will come on high.
Put 12v to the orange and black(-).

Motor only.
Blower motor spins, so I tried to find continuatity from the power wire to the resistor block. It didn't ohm out, so I am getting a little closer. I couldn't find any wires coming from the resistor. Should I be going from the power wire on the back of the motor to the back of the switch instead? It appears that someone has tried to do some patching on this thing. The heater core isn't hooked up, so I think that I can safely assume that it will need replacing. I also appear to be missing the cover that hides the fan. Is there any valves that are controlled on this cover, or is it just a safety issue?

Any help or ideas are appreciated.
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