HEI Distributor question?

HEI Distributor question?


New Albany Ms
'86 CJ7 Laredo Black 4.2l i6
Ok, so I'm working on destroying my 2nd 4.2... I have the chevy HEI distributor, not sure what kind or where it came from (was on the motor when i got it), and I was just wondering if there is a good option for a rev limiter. Any ideas on who makes a good one or if there is one on the stock HEI's that wont rev past 5k?
Block of wood under the gas pedal???????? ;)
Thanks old dog, no offense torxhead but I believe I'm gona go with the petronix box when I get the money...

I just hope it cuts out like toyotas do, I love the sound of a good waverunner playing at the mud bogs.... :D

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