Hello From Bama

Hello From Bama


Montgomery, Al
I just got my cj7 it is an 81 model. has the 304. not sure about anything else. I am just getting into the cj so yeah I am a newbie.Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Hello Everyone,

I am Jason from Montgomery, Alabama. I joined the sight today for a little insight.I am new to the world of Jeep and I have recently purchased an 81 CJ7 with the AMC 304 v8.I am looking forward to getting her running BETTER haha.I have a fuel issue apparently.It has a motorcraft 2100 carb i think.Recently had it rebuilt.I have put a new manual fuel pump on her and replaced the fuel filter and it has a new sending unit. The old Jeep did sit for awhile but I emptied old fuel out when I replaced the sending unit. My cj runs great for a few minutes, but eventually starts spitting and sputtering like she is still fuel starved or either flooding??? My mechanic suggested running a few tanks of gas through her and see if she straightens out. When I replaced the fuel filter this morning the fuel looked fine though.No discoloration or anything. I am guessing the carb isn't quiet adjusted right?Anyone like to share any insight on what the issue could be? After a few minutes of spitting and sputtering she will eventually cut off. Normally it will start right back up.Also first thing in the morning it will hardly start at all which is why I replaced the fuel pump.I figured fuel pressure must be bad and maybe the diaphram in the fuel pump was bad allowing fuel to settle back to the tank. Please please lol, a little help please?
I would try running the CJ from a 1 gallon fuel tank and see what happens, wou will then find out if it's an old fuel problem or a delivery problem.
Also check the float bowl for trash.

:dung: from the lines could have made it's way to the carb. Even if you replaced the fuel in the tank, the lines still had bad gas and could have put something in the float bowl as Brock suggested.

Welcome to the site.:D
I appreciate the replies.I am going to try and install one of those clear fuel filters between the fuel pump and the tank and when it starts sputtering again I will check and see if there is fuel in that filter. I am thinking maybe I have a fuel line that is old and maybe collapsing on me. If that doesn't clear anything up I will try the one gallon gas can method. I am sure I ran the thing out of gas trying to crank it when I first got it. The guy who rebuilt the carb said he took the carb off a couple of times and checked it for trash. He said he would check it again after I try the filter method. Maybe the best thing to do is try and replace the old fuel lines. The old filter looked clean and the fuel coming out of it was shockingly clear to me.I went ahead and replaced it anyway though. I am beginning to wonder if it's an ignition problem. I will keep everyone up to date as I learn more.

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