tommy huff

Lebanon, MO
76 CJ7 304 auto
89 Wrangler 4 banger
91 cherokee
Good day to all!
I am having trouble with my 76 CJ7 304 auto trans is pumping trans fluid from tranny, where and what should i be looking for.
I'm not sure I understand the problem. Is the transmission leaking?

It leaks while running and mainly out the front of trans. It will not move forward but will in reverse.

Hi Tommy, welcome to the site,

Where exactly do you see it exiting the powertrain, more specifically than the front of the tranny ? Is it pouring out the front of pan, coming between the inspection cover and the case, running off the top of the trans and down to near the front, down the right side and onto the ground or ? If your looking for a specific answer, your going to have provide some specifics. There are several ways for a trans to "pour ATF" but your going to have to get under and have a look, some leaks can be repaired with the trans in some not.

If its pouring out and the truck does not move, youre probably too low on fluid. Have you checked the fluid level, is it low or overfilled by 10 quarts or ???

While that probably does not matter much that your low on fluid (Im assuming that) if its pouring out, anything you add to get line pressure will just supply the pour out problem.

Whats the run up story to this event ? There has to be some kind of story how you got here, if you care to provide some more info, we might be able to help.
What B.K. said. We need way more info.
primarily leaks out of the hogs head area. i have to keep add fluid to maintain the level. This cj has set in the woods for several years before I purchased it a year ago. I work about 70 hours a week so I've not had a lot of time to tinker with it. I have been able to play on the farm with it a couple of weekends, it slipped at first but seemed to shifting and holding fine until I drove it on pavement and thats when it started acting up. I don't have much knowledge of jeeps, but if it has a TB400 then I can rebuild with ease. I just bought a 90's cherokee 6 cylinder 5 speed and was thinking of installing the manual in the cj.

I want to thank you for the help and support. I love the CJ7 its a fun ride.

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