HELP! ingnition is driving me crazy!!!

HELP! ingnition is driving me crazy!!!


the dalles
85 Cj7
258 AMC straight six
hi there, i bought a 85 CJ7 a month ago and it has been nothing but a hedache. I was backing out of a parking stall and it cut out compleatly, so i try to start it again and all it did was sit there cranking, no firing whatsoever. I check the spark plugs and there is zero spark from the coil. the coil has about twelve volts in the on position. ive replaced the coil( super coil) distributor, Ignition control module, balast resistor and still nothing! any insight into why this thing has crapped out on me would be much appreciated!
I would guess the ECM. please fill out your profile, year, model, engine,etc. That will make it a lot easier.:cool:
So you have replaced the intire ignition system and you still have no spark?:( I think you might need to check to see that you are getting power to the coil and ecm with the ignition in the start position...Maybe you have a short in the wiring to the ignition...also verify that the distributor is properly installed
nevermind everyone! i fixed to problem!
It was the new super coil i put in. I had replaced the old one thinking it was broken, then the new one breaks:mad:! oh well its running good now!

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