help - no turn signals or brake lights

help - no turn signals or brake lights


atlanta georgia
1976 CJ5
Hello, I have a 1976 CJ5, with no turn signals or brake lights. I have tail lights, side lights and front lights. I have checked fuses, bulbs, and today replaced the turn signal switch in steering column. Still have no turn signals or brake lights. When I put on the hazard lights, I can hear the clicking but no lights blinking. I checked ground at the rear lights, and it seems fine. Any suggestions? I am running out if ideas?
there is a fuse linking your flasher to your turnsignal sw you might want to check it mine has blown a few times
Good thought but the fact that he is hearing the flasher tells me it's powered. That said I don't have the answer but since you have no right or left blinker it is prob in the dash wiring unless by chance you don't have good or correct bulbs in the tail lamps?
For me I would get out the multitester and start tracing it out starting at the source.
You will want to review the manuals wire diagram because the brake/signals are in intertwined and a bit tricky . It just dawned on me that the flasher would have no effect on the stops and if there were a problem there you should still have brake light.
Verify correct bulbs then go get a multimeter if you don't have one and start checking for power and continuity.
Yeah, check to make sure you have dual-filament bulbs...

The flasher relay is clearly getting power... Your problem is after that. The thing is, the relay is grounded through the panel. So, i wouldn't start at the relay- looks like the wiring's good there. Start at the fuse panel and find your rear chassis harness... It's only got about 6 pins so it shouldn't be hard to diagnose.

Also, you might want to separate your fuse panel at the firewall and make sure none of your wiring is melted. A quick fix for a commonly blown fuse is simply putting a higher amperage fuse in... Except when :censored: catches on fire.

Good luck!

Wiring diagrams are pretty easy to come by online too!
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I had the same problem. My trouble was in the main harness plug that goes to the rear lights. I replaced that plug with a 5 flat trailer plug and not only did I fix my brake stop and tail lights I now have backup lights.
Had the same problem in my '81. Ground wires on both front signals were not making good contact to ground. Cleaned them up and the contact point and all work fine now. I have found that most electrical problems can be traced back to a bad ground somewhere. Easy and cheap to test and fix. One of the best places to start. Eliminate the obvious first before tackling wire harnesses and switches.

Yep, you can make 2 separate 6 or 8 ft. long jumper wires with alligator ends. Then you can hook up the ground at the lights and go straight to batt to temporarily rule out ground while searching for bad connections.

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